SAP Manual Journal Audit Control
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SAP Manual Journal Audit Control

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SAP Manual Journal Audit Control is a critical requirement for all organizations that run SAP Finance. Auditors are duty bound to follow all SAS99 requirements to look for fraud throughout the entire audit process. Specifically, auditors must look for any evidence of fraud as an intentional act resulting in a material misstatement in the financial statements. Internal finance journal postings are a central part of this audit process and organizations must have the appropriate controls, evidence and audit trail to prove compliance at audit time.

Promenta’s SAP Certified Journal Workflow product, is positioned to provide a SAP based, off-the-shelf, audited workflow solution, for SAP journal voucher entry at period close. Large global organizations run our product to ensure efficiency and automation in this key process area.

Overview Video - SAP Journal Voucher Workflow (3:30 minutes)

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