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SAP FB50 Workflow

Request, Approve And Audit SAP FB50 Workflow
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Promenta’s SAP FB50 Workflow enables a web based, audited process for SAP journal entry. The solution deploys as part of our promentaWebflow™ product and runs inside your SAP ECC system. As this is an SAP based solution, the journal data entry process tightly integrates with your existing finance business rules, validation and security model. The webflow sequence enables the creation of a fully validated virtual journal record, including external attachments, which is then cleanly created in the relevant SAP ledger when all journal approvals are in place. The process enables high integrity validation, including simulated posting at the request stage of the process. This guarantees accuracy and efficiency when it comes to approving the journal. Depending on the journal value and company code flexible approval routing is possible at multiple approval levels.  Following final approval the journal document is finally updated in SAP, and is 100% accurate, approved and complete. The solution caters for all SAP journal fields and also enables approvals through your mobile device. Book a demo with us to find out more!

Key Features

Lean and User Friendly Interface
Promenta’s SAP FB50 Workflow process presents users with an engaging, streamlined, web-based interface which can incorporate your own company branding. Context sensitive dynamic guidance notes facilitate self-service, reducing the need for training and support. The user interface is designed to be user friendly and easy to use compared to excel sheets and SAP GUI.
Minimalist Information Architecture
Users get a streamlined view of the journal data that they need to work with and are only exposed to fields and data that is relevant to them. This focuses attention, removes distraction and makes it 100% clear which data is required to be entered at specific points in the process. It’s a process which can be used by non-SAP experts.
Built-In Workflow Control
Users can submit FB50 webflow requests which are automatically routed to one or more approvers. Rejection handling and re submission are fully supported by the built in workflow capabilities. Note that our promentaWebflow™ product runs on top of the standard SAP workflow engine for tight SAP integration.
Real Time SAP Validation
When webflow users enter journal data into each screen, it is immediately validated against SAP FICO configuration rules residing in SAP (webflow runs inside SAP itself). The webflow product also allows additional validation rules which serve your specific process to be included.
End-To-End Audit
All steps in the end-to-end sequence are fully audited with a user ID, date and time stamp. This provides SAP process owners, with full transparency on who has been involved in the process, helping with compliance and resolving potential bottlenecks.
Full Compliance With SAP Authorizations
Automatic integration and compliance with each user’s existing SAP authorizations, ensures that this product fits seamlessly into your existing process team structure with the right people authorized to carry out the right steps in the process.
Full Integration with Microsoft EXCEL
Promenta’s SAP FB50 Workflow allows your finance teams to upload Excel sheets which contain header and line item data for Journals. The upload process is carried out right at the start of the webflow request. Webflow quickly interprets the uploaded Excel sheet and enables full validation of the virtual journal document at the request phase of the process. The Excel sheet used for the upload is securely attached to the eventual document which is posted in SAP following completion of the approval process.

SAP Journal Voucher Workflow (3:30 minutes)

  • Automate SAP FB50 Workflow with a user friendly, robust web based process.
  • Increase organizational efficiency and reduce process time and cost, through a leaner process.
  • With robust automation and end to end audit, reduce user errors and improves consistency.
  • End-to-end audit and reporting enables continuous improvement and compliance within organizational standards
  • Improve the quality and integrity of your SAP FB50 Journal Entry process with tight SAP integration and validation
  • Integration between promentaWebflow™ and promentaMobile™ keeps journal entry approvals flowing through your mobile device.

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