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Solutions for SAP Purchasing Processes

Promenta provides a suite of solutions across web and mobile that brings audit, control and automation to your SAP Purchasing (MM) processes. Cloud services can enable entrerprise mobility for SAP MM applications without running in-house servers.

Vendor Master

Web: The SAP Vendor Master process is critical to all SAP installations. Companies need the ability to create, change and extend Vendor Master data in a controlled, accurate and consistent way. promentaWebflow™ Vendor Master Request provides an efficient and flexible solution for automating and integrating SAP Vendor Master process with the SAP system of the organization.

Vendor Approval

Mobile: Vendor Approval brings the SAP process of approving Vendors for your organization to your fingertip. This app runs from your mobile device and tightly integrated with SAP WSPU_VENV4 process in real time.

Purchase Order Approval

Mobile: Purchase Order Approval is an integral process within the SAP Purchasing modules of your organization. Our app enables you with the mobility to track, manage and approve purchase orders right from your mobile devices. The app is completely secure with a robust security system and integrated with your SAP processes in real time.

Purchase Requisition Approval

Mobile: Purchase Requisition Approval is an important SAP process that is closely related with other SAM MM-PU processes. With this promentaMobile™ app, you can approve requisitions made by your employees right from your mobile device. The solution is integrated with SAP processes of your organization in real time.

SRM Shopping Cart Approval

Mobile: SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) shopping cart allows business users to procure goods and services for their organization via self-services. promentaMobile™’s SRM Shopping Cart approval processApp extends the approval process of SAP standard shopping cart workflow functionality to mobile devices and ensures delays and inefficiency are reduced. This approval process is integrated with SAP ECC in real time.

Contract Approval

Mobile: Contract Approval is a sophisticated process app from Promenta that provides mobility and flexibility for contract approval process of your SAP system. With this app, you can easily view and approve/reject contracts with suppliers and other parties.

Scheduling Agreement Approval

Mobile: Scheduling Agreement Approval lets the users approve agreement schedules with the suppliers for purchasing items. from mobile devices This app is streamlined with your organization’s SAP process and completely secured with a rigid security system.

Vendor Lookup

Mobile: Vendor Lookup processApp from Promenta lets the users browse through your SAP database of vendors from your mobile device. This app makes the total process of finding vendor information easy and convenient.