Automate SAP Finance module with Promenta Solutions
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Promenta Solutions for SAP Finance

Solutions for SAP Finance

Promenta provides a suite of solutions across web and mobile that brings audit, control and automation to your SAP Finance  processes. Cloud services can enable entrerprise mobility applications without running in-house servers.

Journal Posting Request

Web: Journal Posting Request provides an efficient and flexible solution for automating and integrating SAP Journal Posting process within the SAP system of the organization. It integrates and validates spreadsheets, external documents and forms with the process in real time.

Journal Posting Mobile Approval

Mobile: In any tightly controlled process that requires multiple levels of approval delays in actually processing the requests can result in problems with close periods, reporting and budgeting. The mobile approval app ensures that even senior managers and controllers can approve journals when they are not at their desks but in meetings, traveling or out of their office.

Parked Invoice Approval

Mobile: This mobile  processApp from Promenta helps you to perform the Parked Invoice Approval process within your SAP system in a simplified and automated way. Parked invoice approval request are delivered directly to the mobile devices of the managers so that they can quickly check and decide to approve.

E-cash Approval

Mobile: The proliferation of e-commerce and use of electronic cash system for transaction is quite commonplace now. However, in an organizational setting it is important to keep track of e-cash transactions beside regular transactions. E-cash approval from Promenta brings the process of e-cash management on the screen of your mobile, assuring the security of your transaction data.