SAP Vendor Master Workflow Request- automate data entry and approval
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SAP Vendor Master Workflow

Web Based Workflow Requests and Approvals For SAP Vendor Data
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Promenta’s SAP Vendor Master Workflow solution, enables a web based, audited process for SAP vendor data entry. The solution deploys as part of our promentaWebflow™ product and runs inside your SAP ECC system. As this is an SAP based solution, the vendor data entry process tightly integrates with existing business rules, validation and security model. The process enables data entry across multiple teams, feeding default values into screens and validating data integrity at every step. The webflow sequence enables the creation of a fully validated virtual vendor record, including external attachments, which is then cleanly created in the SAP vendor master database when all webflow approvals are in place. This ensures that when vendor data is finally updated in SAP, it is 100% accurate, complete and ready for integration with other SAP processes. The solution caters for all SAP vendor master fields and enables multiple approvals for vendor creation, change and extension requests. Approvals are also possible in the mobile device. Book a demo with us to find out more!

Video - SAP Vendor Master Workflow

Key Benefits

  • User friendly, streamlined, web based interface, for vendor create, change, extend, block, unblock
  • Multiple team workflow for data entry and approvals (e.g. Finance, Purchasing etc.), within a single or mass vendor process
  • Automated notifications, substitutions and request forwarding
  • End-to-end audit trail and reporting for compliance and continuous improvement benefits
  • “Off-the-shelf”, SAP Certified Product
  • Low complexity architecture and TCO, runs inside SAP ECC and S/4 Hana, no additional servers or user management
  • High data integrity and duplication checking, SAP TCode level validation at the point of data entry
  • Excel integration for accelerated data entry
  • Enables powerful SAP transactions to be removed from end users (e.g. XK01, XK02, BP)

Want to learn more?

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions to you. If you would like a short web demo or a free trial, please get in touch and we respond to you promptly. Thank you!