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The SAP General Ledger Account is a crucial process for bookkeeping module on SAP installations. Companies need the ability to create, change and extend General Ledger account in a controlled, accurate and consistent way. promentaWebflow™ General Ledger Account Request provides an efficient and flexible solution for automating and integrating SAP general ledger process with the SAP system of the organization. It integrates and validates spreadsheets, external documents and forms with SAP process in real time. The web app also makes the process of general ledger entry changes fast, accurate and consistent. The SAP driven workflow of the app connects different people in the process in an automated way.

Key Features

Lean and User-friendly Interface

SAP General Ledger Account Request process users are presented with an engaging, lean web-based interface where you can apply your company branding as well. This web app comes with context sensitive dynamic guidance notes to facilitate self-service; thus it reduces the necessity of external support.

Minimalist Information Architecture

In this web app, users are only exposed to fields and data that are relevant to them. This minimalist yet functional information architecture makes it easier to work with the process even from non-SAP experts.

Built-in Workflow Control

Users can submit General Ledger Account requests which are automatically routed to one or more teams for quality checks, additional data entry or approval. Rejection handling and resubmission is fully supported by the built in workflow.

Real Time SAP Validation

When users enter General Ledger data, it is immediately validated against SAP General Ledger Account process rules in the SAP system. The level of integration and validation is the same with the transactions within SAP user interface.

End to End Audit

When promentaWebflow™ is deployed to control your SAP General Ledger Account request process, all steps in the end to end sequence are fully audited with a User Id, Date and Time stamp. This provides SAP process owners with full transparency so that it becomes easier to identify potential bottlenecks.

Full Compliance with SAP Authorization

The web app features full automatic integration and compliance with SAP authorizations so that users can not accidentally access or update data if not permitted to do so, according to SAP security rules defined by the customer.

Key Benefits

  • The web app automates your SAP General Ledger Account process with the built-in SAP workflow of Promenta.
  • Using the General Ledger Account Request app increases organizational efficiency as it reduces process time and cost by delivering a leaner SAP process.
  • With robust automation and end to end audit, it reduces user errors and improves consistency.
  • The process audit facilitates continuous improvement and compliance with organizational standards.
  • It improves the quality of your SAP General Ledger Account process with tight SAP integration.
  • Integration between promentaWebflow™ and promentaMobile™ keeps General Ledger Account approvals flowing through mobile devices.

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