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promentaWebflow™ is an SAP process automation solution for SAP master data, SAP transactions and SAP Workflow processes.

Versatile SAP Workflow is built into the solution to support any SAP process automation scenario. The solution delivers the control and flexibility to connect people to processes, with built in end-to-end audit tracking and reporting.

promentaWebflow™ -Core is the foundation component that all Promenta solutions that provides the core workflow, security, audit and web-enabled functionality.

promentaWebflow™ -Core component is certified by SAP as an ABAP Add-On

promentaWebflow™ is secure and robust

Access to SAP processes through promentaWebflow™ is secured with all of your existing SAP security profiles. promentaWebflow is scalable to hundreds of thousands of users and aligns with your existing SLAs and uptime guarantees

promentaWebflow™ is tightly integrated with SAP

promentaWebflow™ deploys and runs exclusively within your existing SAP system. This means that the product is perfectly placed to seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP business rules, configuration and security model. This is a central and highly important feature of the product delivering depth and substance to the lean user friendly interface that users are exposed to. The user experience is enhanced further because strict alignment with existing SAP rules ensures that errors are immediately visible to users saving time and driving lean process benefits. SAP authorization checks are fully in place, to prevent accidental changes. Overall, users build trust in consistent, optimized, high integrity processes.

promentaWebflow™ provides engaging user experience

promentaWebflow™ provides business and professional SAP users with an engaging web user interface. It’s flexible, allowing your own corporate branding and look and feel to be applied at implementation time. This product feature is beneficial to all users but especially management and occasional users, who lightly touch SAP processes from time to time, making requests, reviewing and approving processes before SAP is updated. Guided procedures and road-map driven processes make the user experience more intuitive and efficient. Users are only exposed to fields and data that are relevant to them, at each phase of the process. Overall, a leaner, simplified and well structured solution, through which users can interact with complex SAP processes.

promentaWebflow™ is highly customizable

At Promenta, we understand that every business organization is unique with unique set of needs. That’s why we built promentaWebflow™ as a highly customizable solution based on an agile single code architecture that can be tailored to your exact process needs. We deploy a flexible and simplified end-to-end mobile architecture eliminating necessity of using any middleware based mobile application development.

promentaWebflow™ is accessible through multiple channels

Webflows are accessible from any web based channel of choice (Intranet, SAP Portal). Users are automatically notified about webflows through email or personal mobile devices using promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™. Webflows can be launched from external systems, such as Microsoft® SharePoint®, but you don’t have to build and maintain solutions outside of SAP.

promentaWebflow™ reduces costs and improves quality

Documents, spreadsheets, and localized forms, which are not integrated with SAP, no longer need to be emailed around the organization. Those layers of cost can be avoided, inefficiencies removed and quality increased.

Do you want better automation and control over your SAP processes? Want to see how promentaWebflow™ can help you? You can book a live demonstration with us to see the SAP centric way to automate and reduce cost.

We also offer a completely free, no binding trial of promentaWebflow™, which takes only 3 days to deploy and can asnwer all your questions.

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