SAP E-cash Posting Approval App
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SAP E-cash Posting Approval App

Approve E-cash Postings from Your Mobile Devices
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The E-cash Posting Approval processApp is delivered by promentaMobile™ and enables approval of various types of SAP e-cash postings via mobile devices. Timely entry of e-cash items is critical to ensuring an efficient and accurate period close and financial reporting can be severely impacted if entries are delayed.

The mobile approval integrates seamlessly with SAP Standard workflows for approving parked documents from transactions such as General Ledger input (Transaction code FB01, FB50) and also accruals and deferrals (Transaction code FBS1).

In addition the mobile approval is incorporated into the promentaWebflow™ SAP E-cash Entry solution giving all the features of webflow (web-based entry, full audit and reporting, full workflow approval) to the mobile device.

Any attachments are visible right on the mobile device.


Key Features

Comprehensive Summary

The finance approver sees a comprehensive summary of the request that includes all the necessary details of the e-cash entry that are required for them to make the decision to approve or reject.

Attachments & Line Item Details

The line item detail is shown as tabular data that the approver can be expanded or collapsed on their device. Any attachments are visible directly in the mobile device and so the approver can review all relevant information to make the best decision regarding the approval of it.

Responsive and Intuitive Interface

A simple and flexible user interface that is suitable for all mobile device screens from smartphones to large tablets ensures that the user has a great experience interacting with promentaMobile™ apps.

Enhancement Opportunity

The business rules of all promentaMobile™ apps are built within SAP (ABAP) and reside within your SAP ECC system. Hence enhancements to a processApp are actually done in the SAP systems and follow your normal enhancement process.

Approver Rejection Reason

The approver can reject or approve the item which will automatically complete the workflow step in SAP in real-time. If the approver decides to reject the journal item they can enter a rejection reason which will be visible to the requester and enable them to take corrective action.

Any Device- iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry

promentaMobile™ is a device independent mobile application solution which runs on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. It is a single mobile application which can handle any SAP process.

Cloud Based Mobility

promentaMobile™ is a cloud based mobile product. You do not need to invest in SAP Mobile Platform Licenses (SMP) and do not need to maintain your own mobile middleware. Promenta handles the mobile technology and middleware part for you.

Key Benefits

  • Immediately improve efficiency and reduce delays in finalizing journal posting process in SAP.
  • Allow approvers to review journal entries right from their mobile devices any time and anywhere.
  • Attachments allow provision of documents that are crucial for the journal entries. As all the information is available right on the mobile device, the user does not have to search for anything to take the decision regarding the approval.
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface makes sure that anyone can start using the processApp in no time. Organizations do not need to spend significant sums on user training to adopt promentaMobile™ for simplifying and automating SAP processes.

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