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SAP Workflow Approvals Direct from Your Mobile Device

Promenta’s SAP Mobile Workflow Inbox, is a powerful mobile app which can expose any SAP work item in your mobile device. This includes workflow work items from ‘different’ SAP back end systems (e.g. SAP ECC, SAP SRM, SAP CRM, all in one inbox). The SAP Mobile Workflow Inbox, neatly sorts work items into intuitive categories, so that it’s easy for approvers to prioritize their activity and actions. Workflow items visible in the mobile device, are pulled directly from the SAP Business Workplace (SBWP) and are 100% accurate and real-time. It is possible to filter which work items are visible in the mobile device for your organization. Work items from custom, as well as standard workflows, can be directed to the mobile device. As soon as a work item has been approved in the SAP Mobile Workflow Inbox, it will immediately disappear from the mobile device, as well as from the SAP Business Workplace (in SAP). A common interface and structure in the app ensures that your users can easily work with any new work item which is added for mobile approval, from time to time. If a user is not actively using their device, a device level notification will alert them when a new workflow notification comes in. All this functionality is ready-to-deploy, out-the-box. Book a web demo with us to find out more.

Our portfolio of SAP mobile approvals is constantly growing – below are just a few examples: