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Extend Any Custom SAP Process to Your Mobile Device

promentaMobile™ is a flexible single mobile app which can handle any SAP process, custom or standard. The cost of ownership is low because your users only have to download one app to access any SAP related process. Each organization has its own custom proceses whether they be workflow or request based scenarios. The promentaMobile™ solution architecture is predominantly situated within your SAP back end system and is ABAP based. This means that Promenta can easily and quickly connect any of your existing SAP custom processes into our mobile product. The integration with SAP business rules and security model is very tight which ensures an aligned and robust solution every time.

As promentaMobile™ is a cloud based model there is never any middleware coding required by Promenta to accomodate custom requirements, due to the generic architecture of our mobile mddleware product. The mobile UI is a very light footprint in the overall end-to-end solution and Promenta handle those minor changes for our customers so that you do not need to grow a technical Enterprise mobility team in house and can focus on your core SAP expertise and core business activities.

Most importantly of all, with the Promenta approach to SAP Mobile Custom Apps, speed to deploy and cost of delivery is low – our customer reference sites will vouch for that!

Freedom to Change

Build your SAP mobile process app to meet your exact custom process needs, inheriting a proven solution architecture from promentaMobile™.

Organization-wide Implementation

Custom apps will run from any device, enabling the benefits of enterprise mobility for your SAP business processes.

Ready Framework

Each custom app inherits robust security features, real time SAP integration, management capabilities and intuitive user experience from promentaMobile™. This ensures that cost of implementation, delivery and ownership remain low.

Cloud Support

Custom apps will automatically run securely through promentaCloud™, which contains a built-in mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP). This will undoubtedly provide you with an affordable cloud-based approach for SAP Enterprise Mobility, as an expensive on-premise mobile middleware and SAP Mobile Platform licenses are not required.