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SAP Mobile Cloud Capabilities

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promentaCloud™ removes the high cost of running an in-house mobile middleware. You don’t need SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) licenses and you don’t need to create a technical in-house enterprise mobility team.  Promenta will handle the mobility, SAP integration and mobile middleware aspects for you, via your own dedicated servers in promentaCloud™.

Promenta’s SAP Mobile Cloud based service contains all the connectivity, security and infrastructure servers that are required to run robust, secure mobile services.


promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™

  • All connections from mobile devices to promentaCloud™ use the latest encyrption standards such as secure HTTPS
  • Mobile devices never connect directly to your SAP system
  • SAP user information is never stored on the mobile device
  • Offline data is always encrypted on every mobile device
  • Mobile devices are PIN protected – access control is also via authenticated PIN
  • Administrators can lock, flush and reset mobiles at any time
  • Users can securely synchronize new mobiles as required

Why promentaCloud™

Flexible Mobile Investment Via The Cloud
One of the strengths of promentaCloud™ is the flexibility it brings to SAP mobility. If there is a business case to only extend one or two processes to mobile devices then you can do that without having to invest in a large in-house mobile middleware (MEAP). This is how promentaCloud™ makes mobility more accessible at a lower level of complexity and lower TCO.
A Fully Packaged Solution

promentaCloud™ is a fully packaged option which includes end to end SAP mobile software processes, comprehensive mobile middleware and a full cloud based hardware landscape to support it (development, acceptance, QA and production).