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promentaMobile™ – A Single App, Handling Any SAP Process, on Any Mobile Device

SAP PO Mobile Approvals (6 minute demo)

promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™ enable your SAP users to interact with any SAP workflow process whether it be a standard SAP workflow item or a promentaWebflow™ workflow item.

promentaMobile™ is a mobile application which is downloaded to your mobile device from Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store. Nominated users are then invited to register to use the app if they have a valid and authorized User ID in SAP. They then make a secure cloud based connection into SAP in real-time.

promentaMobile™ is a great tactical and often process specific solution, for companies who want to go mobile with specific processes at a relatively smaller price point, without having to invest heavily in a wholesale mobility technology initiative to get the there!

promentaMobile™ is secure and robust

Access to SAP processes through promentaMobile™ is secured with a two-step verification process. Every user is required to authenticate using their unique personal PIN which is assigned during the initial registration. On top of that, we never store SAP user master data on the device. If your device is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised you can use the remote-wipe functions to ensure data security.

promentaMobile™ is tightly integrated with SAP

promentaMobile™ comes with built-in solutions for SAP Mobile Workflow, SAP Mobile Apps and Mobile Reporting across all SAP Modules (for example HR, Finance, SD, MM).promentaMobile™, along with promentaCloud™ and promentaWebflow™, provide a complete end-to-end SAP process automation suite that you can use to handle all SAP back-end process functionality in a secure way.

promentaMobile™ supports all mobile device platform

promentaMobile™ supports all major device types such as iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Our advanced architecture means we can support the full range of smartphones and tablets that you will have in your organization.

promentaMobile™ is highly customizable

At Promenta, we understand that every business organization is unique with a unique set of needs. That’s why we built promentaMobile™ as a highly customizable solution based on an agile single code architecture that can be tailored to your exact process needs. We deploy a flexible and simplified end-to-end mobile architecture eliminating necessity of using any middleware based mobile application development.  

promentaMobile™ allows Role based process delivery

promentaMobile™ supports the use of role-based process and content delivery. Your users will only see what you want them to see. promentaMobile™ uses SAP user roles to give consistent and simple control so when a user is assigned a security role in SAP, only the apps that are relevant to that role become active on their mobile devices. 

promentaMobile™ comes with PUSH technology

promentaMobile™ has integrated mobile PUSH technology so the users are alerted on their device if they need to perform an action. This technology ensures your users respond faster and processes become leaner and more efficient with less delay. 

promentaCloud™ eliminates the necessity of in-house servers

promentaCloud™ supports mobility for SAP by allowing companies to take a process by process approach when extending enterprise processes to mobile devices. This can be done through Promenta’s cloud based service which contains a built-in mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP). The result is that companies do not need to take on the huge investment and ongoing cost of maintaining their own in house mobile middleware platform.

Want to see promentaMobile™ in action? You can book a live demonstration with us and we will be glad to show you how promentaMobile™ can enable mobility for SAP processes and enhance your organization’s efficiency and improve ROI.

We also offer a completely free, no binding trial of promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™ for a mobile process of your choice.

Please get in touch to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you.