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Workflow enabled mass data Load for SAP
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promentaDataFlow is a data management solution which enables easy web-enabled data load processes using industry standard tools (such as Microsoft Excel) as the data source. A unique feature of the solution is the in-built standard workflow scenarios so that all data-loads can be fully audited and tracked. Users can build their data-load processes without the involvement of IT and the workflows for approval will be automatically enabled to gather the required reviews.

Key features of promentaDataFlow

  • Integration with Microsoft Excel to use as the data source
  • Web-based request forms and screens enabling access from any device
  • In-built workflows enable full audit and review by all stakeholders BEFORE the data is loaded
  • Users can build processes without IT or other technical resources
  • Runs inside SAP – no need for additional servers, users, devices
  • Central management of all excel templates – no need to distribute around the organization
  • Integration with promentaMobile provides mobile approvals

promentaDataFlow Overview

promentaDataFlow is made up of three parts to provide easy-to-use and easy-to-create data management processes


CREATE Create processes by recording data input scenarios in SAP.  Customize with workflow scenarios, notifications and business logic
RUN Users start requests with excel as the data source but submit through a web-based request. Approvers around your business review and approve from any device (including mobile). Only when all approvals are in place is the data created or maintained in SAP
REPORT Use standard reports to shown historic requests, ongoing requests and all audit history. Combine data with SAP data to produce compliant reports


promentaDataFlow Administrators create and maintain processes. They are experienced SAP users but do not need to be in IT – functional users can easily create processes!

The administrators record the data update scenario using the promentaDataFlow console within SAP.

The administrators customize the process to add default values and define which values should be changed by the eventual end-users. For example if a data request is for a specific company code you can set the company code value in the process and exclude it from the end-users

The administrators define or assign the workflow scenario to define approvals – this could be using the existing organization structure, specific roles in SAP or event custom tables and rules.

The administrators define if and when email notifications are sent – for example the end-user requesters can receive emails when their request is fully approved and actioned in SAP.

The administrator activates the process which automatically makes it available to the end-users. No need to send spreadsheets around the organization.


promentaDataFlow processes are run by end-users out in the business.

End-users launch the web-based request manager and select the process that they would like to run (for example General Ledger account changes, Vendor updated, Customer updates)

The End-user download the template from the request form and completes it – the template is ALWAYS the correct version

The End-user uploads the completed Excel file and also adds any additional comments and uploads supporting documentation

The End-user submits the request and promentaDataFlow automatically starts the workflow process and routes the to relevant approvers

Approvers can approve on a range of devices – including mobile devices

When the all approvals have been gathered the request data can be processed into SAP

Finally notifications can be sent out to the original requester and any other interested stakeholders.


promentaDataFlow enables real-time and historic reporting

Reporting on current status of requests, current apporvals and pending approvals are all done within the SAP system by Administrators or End-users

Audit reporting shows all user who have been involved in any way with the approval process – all approvals are date and time stamped

As promentaDataFlow runs INSIDE SAP reports combining promentaDataFlow and SAP data can be built.