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myCommsCentre™ enables SAP business communication management, by using existing SAP employee and user data to target accurate audience segments with business information. The solution gives compliance, communication and business teams full control at the point of information delivery and clear visibility of audience engagement, through comprehensive audit and reporting.
SAP business communication management, is automated using a powerful audience targeting tool which is tightly integrated with SAP, removing the cost of building manual distribution lists. Automatic reminders further improve efficiency, quality and automation.
Interactive features bring an extra dimension to SAP business communication management. Compliance teams can target the right audience and receive policy, certification and training acknowledgments when they need them. Communication teams are able to target relevant information to their audience and have full visibility of how much of the population are reading the information.
myCommsCentre™ is an information delivery solution, with a proven track record, that can revolutionize SAP business communication management in your business.

Target Your Audience

myCommsCentre™ runs within your SAP system and tightly integrates with your existing employee and user data, so that very accurate and dynamic audience targeting can take place. To target information, whether it be a business communication, a policy document, report or survey, you would use the myCommsCentre™ targeting tool to identify the user and employee groupings that the information is relevant to. For example, you may decide to target information to all people who hold a specific SAP security role or who belong to a specific SAP company code. In just a few minutes the information has been targeted to the right audience by email, intranet or to their mobile device. A targeted, accurate and audited SAP business communication management solution.

Non-SAP Audience Data Source?

myCommsCentre™ is versatile in that you can easily integrate with an audience data source which is external to SAP. Some of our existing customers do that very successfully. For example it may be that you run an Oracle or Peoplesoft HR system which holds the most accurate snapshot of your business population. myCommsCentre™ can easily integrate with that to drive targeted information delivery.

Has the Audience Read the Information?

One of the very common challenges with information delivery is that businesses simply have no visibility of how much of the audience has actually read the content that have been pushed to them. The quality and effectiveness of business information delivery is significantly compromised.
myCommsCentre™ is the solution to this common problem. When each member of the target audience has opened and read the information an automatic audit is taken including, user name, date and time stamp. This audit data is stored securely in SAP and provides a very accurate picture of how much of the audience has or has not read the targeted information.
It is also possible to add interactive buttons to the information delivered to engage audience feedback or acknowledgments when there is a compliance obligation.
Automatic reminders can be activated to only send reminders to members of the audience who have not read or issued a ‘button response’ to the information they have been sent.

Readership Audit and Reporting

myCommsCentre™ comes with built-in audit tracking software, which keeps an accurate record of audience readership. From the moment you deliver information to your audience, whether it be a business communication, a company policy, a report or survey, myCommsCentre™ will give clear transparency on base level readership, as well as ‘button responses’ from interactive myCommsCentre™ documents. Associated reporting brings visibility and control to SAP business communication management.

Target to Email, Intranet and Mobile

myCommsCentre™ supports information delivery to email, intranet and mobile channels. Connectivity to the mobile channel is available through promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™.