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Before you manually build and configure a GLSU Park and Post Workflow, consider a demo of Promenta’s SAP Certified GLSU Workflow product, which enables off-the-shelf, web based, audited workflow, for SAP journal voucher entry, using GLSU, at period close.

Overview Video - GLSU Workflow (3:30 minutes)

  • The solution runs inside your SAP ECC or S/4 Hana system, which ensures that the journal validation process tightly integrates with your existing finance business rules and configuration.
  • It allows you to remove all powerful SAP FI Transaction Codes (e.g. FB01) from end users, if desired, which helps with SoX compliance.
  • Throughout the workflow process, a fully validated “virtual journal document”, including external attachments, is securely held within the product, which is then cleanly posted in the relevant SAP ledger when all approvals are in place (using GLSU).
  • There is no need for a SAP Parked Document, so at audit time there is no risk of “missing” or “out of sequence” document numbers!
  • Automatic integration with the GLSU EXCEl sheet, by selecting “Send To Workflow” option
  • Flexible approval routing is possible at multiple approval levels (e.g. by Company Code, Journal Value or any other field in the process).
  • The solution supports journal requests with line items greater than 999 and also supports inter-company approvals/postings.
  • On final approval the “virtual journal document” is posted inside SAP, and is 100% accurate, approved and complete, all support attachments are also attached to the SAP Finance document inside SAP.
  • The solution caters for all SAP journal fields and multiple FI transactions (FB01, FBD1, FBS1, etc.). Approvals are possible through the web browser and also through your mobile device, including via SAP Fiori inbox .

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