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Which mobile phones and tablets does promentaMobile™ support?
promentaMobile™ supports all the following devices:
  • All iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • All android devices (from version 2.2 Gingerbread)
  • Blackberry devices (from version 7)
  • Windows 8 devices
Do I need promentaWebflow™ to use promentaMobile™?
promentaWebflow runs within the SAP ECC system. promentaMobile™ runs within the mobile device and on the promentaCloud middle-ware servers. To integrate with SAP ECC promentaWebflow™ is a required component. So from a technical perspective promentaWebflow™ is always required. However - from a licensing perspective - if you are only using Promenta solutions for mobility then the promentaWebflow™ license may be included in your promentaMobile™ license. Please contact your Promenta account manager to confirm this.
What is myCommsCentre™?
myCommsCentre™ is a specialist information delivery product, with solutions for SAP announcements, policy delivery, reports and surveys. The product comes with a powerful built-in audience targeting tool, which tightly integrates with SAP employee and user groupings, as well as external user groupings, to target accurate audience segments with business information. The solution gives compliance, communication and business teams full control at the point of information delivery and clear visibility of audience engagement, through comprehensive audit and reporting.
Can Customers enhance the standard Expense Approval process app ABAP business logic?

Yes, each customer can have their own version of the ABAP process app component. The vanilla Expense Approval ABAP process app component in SAP, will be inherited by the customer’s own newly created ABAP component in their own name space. This will allow all standard features to be used plus the customer’s enhanced features. Promenta will then update the customer’s version of promentaMobile to point to their own newly created ABAP process app component.

Can Customers enhance the standard Expense Approval process app mobile UI – are code changes required?

Yes. It is possible to change some mobile UI screens without relying on Promenta to make UI changes to your app (i.e. UI code changes). Typically where the screen is a list of fields in display only format you can switch fields on and off by simply changing the field status configuration in the promentaWebflow Design time workbench in SAP. This will automatically update the process app mobile UI without any code changes being required to the UI. This applies to most fields in the expense approval process app.

What if we have enhanced the standard SAP Expense Approval workflow scenario, or have our own custom workflow for expense approval?
It is possible to integrate you own customized workflows with promentaMobileTM. Please contact support@www.promenta.com where you will receive further guidance.
Is my data secure with promentaMobile™?
Yes. promentaMobile™ runs on the users mobile device and enables SAP enterprise mobile services. promentaMobile™ does not connect directly to your corporate networks or indeed with SAP ECC. Instead the promentaCloud™ middle-ware servers act a secure and robust entry point to your organization. SAP credentials are not stored in the users mobile device and all communications are via secure HTTPS/SSL. Users must enter a secure PIN before they can access the mobile application. Any offline data stored in the mobile device is encrypted securely. In the event of stolen or lost device the administrator can issue a remote-wipe command

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