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Simplifying Business with Innovative SAP Solutions for Automation

Promenta is an innovative business solutions provider, with a focus on SAP process automation and Enterprise Mobility. Our dedicated team has the experience and know-how to deliver projects and solutions, which can automate SAP master data, transactional and workflow processes across any platform or device. Through our solutions, we strive to improve our clients’ organizational performance and SAP ROI.

Since 2002, we have been working closely with leading global enterprises in key business sectors including energy, consumer goods, finance, life science, packaging, and manufacturing. Thanks to an experienced and a highly talented team, Promenta offers unique automation solutions for SAP processes which can transform your organization and help you to maximize efficiency with corporate mobility.

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Promenta is a SAP Partner

Promenta is certified by SAP as a provider of SAP solutions. Promenta is proud to serve a number of Fortune 500 companies, helping them enhance their performance through SAP process automation. All around the world, Promenta is contributing to the growth of its clients. How can Promenta help you?

Cloud based Approach for SAP Mobility

Promenta enables SAP mobility through promentaMobile™, an innovative single mobile application, capable of exposing any SAP process on any mobile device. With promentaMobile™, there are no device restrictions, empowering employees to place requests for any process of choice, such as leave or travel requests. Managers are no longer tied to their desktop when it comes to providing approvals. They can review, approve or reject workflow items right from their mobile device, anywhere, anytime. These solutions speed up SAP process flows and contribute to the overall improvement of your business performance.

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We welcome your questions and feedback. We would be happy to show you a web demonstration of our products and explain how our automation and mobile products can take your SAP investment to the next level. Our team will get back to you promptly.