SAP Workflow Automation and Process Compliance
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Experts in SAP Workflow Automation and Process Compliance

Promenta are SAP Software Partners with a specialist focus on process efficiency, compliance and control.

We provide web and mobile ready-to-deploy solutions, for key SAP processes, delivering immediate and ongoing ROI.


promentaWebflow™ enables SAP workflow automation for any transactional or master data process. It is easy to implement and runs inside SAP. Ready-to-deploy solutions are available for requesting and approving SAP processes, such as Journals, Invoices, Vendors, Customers, FICO Master Data and more. Mass data changes with workflow approval are supported. promentaMobile™ enables workflow approvals right from your mobile device.

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SAP processes controlled by promentaWebflow™ benefit from a full end-to-end audit trail, showing everyone who was involved in the process. At audit time, SAP reports are available to prove that only authorized users have requested and approved processes. All audit data is preserved securely inside SAP and is reportable on demand.
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Users interact with Promenta’s solutions using their web browser or mobile device. Processes and interaction points are streamlined to ensure that users have an efficient, high quality user experience. Graphical reporting and process dashboards compliment more granular reporting to give management stakeholders and process owners full visibility on any process at any point in time.

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promentaWebflow™ - SAP Journal Voucher Workflow

promentaWebflow™ - SAP Vendor Master Workflow

promentaFlowBOT - Robotic SAP Report Delivery By Email - EXCEL Format

Bring Automation And Compliance To Your SAP Processes

promentaWebflow™ is a SAP certified product which deploys and runs inside your SAP system. It is a solution platform which enables the web based workflow automation and process compliance of any SAP data process.
Ready-to-deploy process solutions run through promentaWebflow™ adding business process value in specific areas. For example, SAP Journal Voucher Workflow, SAP Vendor Master Workflow, SAP Article Master Workflow and more.
promentaWebflow™ users can approve workflow processes directly from their mobile devices using either SAP Fiori or Promenta’s secure cloud based mobile products promentaMobile™  and promentaCloud™ .


promentaMobile™ and promentaCloud™ enable your SAP users to interact with any SAP workflow process whether it be a standard SAP workflow item or a promentaWebflow™ workflow item.
promentaMobile™ is a mobile application which is downloaded to your mobile device from Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store. Nominated users are then invited to register to use the app if they have a valid and authorized User ID in SAP. They then make a secure cloud based connection into SAP in real-time.
promentaMobile™ is a great tactical and often process specific solution, for companies who want to go mobile with specific processes at a relatively smaller price point, without having to invest heavily in a wholesale mobility technology initiative to get the there!

Enabling Mobility for SAP


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